四季を愛でる  ~ 和菓子のお教室 ~

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Appreciating Seasons  

~ Japanese Sweets Class ~

和菓子のお教室 秋

11月17日 金曜日 12 : 30 ~

HemingArts 葉山にて

講師 伊藤 郁 先生

Seasonal Japanese Sweets Class – Autumn
Date: Friday, November 17th, 2023
Time: 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM (Please note that the end time may vary)
Location: HemingArts Hayama
Instructor:  Mr. Kaoru Ito



Do you feel the changing seasons?  Have you ever noticed the passage of time and how each moment of the day is distinct?  



Join us in appreciating the seasonal transition through wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery.  Wagashi invites us to savor not only its delicate aroma and gentle flavors but also the beauty in each piece.  It allows us to imagine the season and scenery from the confection’s name, engaging all five senses.




Our instructor, Mr. Kaoru Ito, dedicated approximately 45 years of his life to the art of wagashi as an artisan at “Toraya,” a renowned wagashi establishment in Japan.  During his tenure, he gained manufacturing experience at both the Tokyo and Kyoto factories.  He also played a pivotal role in the launch of “Toraya Karyo,” a cafe division, contributing to product development, public relations, and sharing the charm of wagashi with a wide audience.
After retiring from Toraya, he continues his mission of promoting the beauty of Japanese confectionery.  He has been invited not only within Japan but also internationally to conduct demonstrations and share the culture of wagashi.






Immerse yourself in Mr. Ito’s delightful stories about wagashi and the changing seasons of Japan.  As you listen, you’ll witness magical confections taking shape before your eyes.  Each one is named to reflect the season, allowing you to truly experience its essence.
Consider, for instance, the famous yokan (sweet jelly made from red beans) from Toraya is called “Night Plum” despite not containing plum, nor resembling a plum flower or tree.  Mr. Ito explains the small azuki bean grains visible in the dark cross-section of the yokan are reminiscent of the plum blossoms that bloom at night.  After hearing this story, it’s easy to conjure an image of plum blossoms in the darkness and the sweet aroma of plum fruits.  The name of the yokan creates a beautiful imaginary scene.



四季を愛でる  ~ 和菓子のお教室 ~

和菓子のお教室 秋

会期 11月17日 金曜日 12 : 30 ~15:00(終了時間は前後する可能性があります)

場所 HemingArts 葉山

講師 伊藤 郁 先生

定員 8名

会費 8,000円(税込)

作成予定 栗きんとん・栗蒸し羊羹・ねりきり (仕入れ状況により変更があることをご了承ください)

お申し込みは  ヘミングアーツ公式ライン 

または、mariko.a@hemingarts.com へどうぞ。(お申し込み多数の場合は、抽選となりますことをご了承ください。)

Join us for this invaluable Japanese confectionery class with Mr. Kaoru Ito.  Let’s craft wagashi together and explore Japanese culture and the enchanting world of wagashi.
Seasonal Japanese Sweets Class – Autumn
Date:  Friday, November 17th, 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM (End time may vary)
Location:  HemingArts Hayama
Instructor:  Mr. Kaoru Ito
Maximum Participants:  8
Fee:  ¥8,000 (tax included)
Scheduled Confections:  Kuri Kinton (Chestnut Sweet), Kuri Mushi Yokan (Steamed Chestnut Jelly), Nerikiri (Sweet White Bean Paste Confection) *Please note that confections may be subject to change based on ingredient availability.
Sign up via email: mariko.a@hemingarts.com 

文 店主

写真 結城剛太

訳 Kana Hayatsu

Original text: Mariko, HemingArts
Photos: Gorta Yuuki
Translation: Kana Hayatsu